Creative Personal Growth Without Therapy


Values + Visions Sessions

In just 2 meaningful hours we will use values sorting cards, written materials, and focused discussion to discover or clarify your understanding of your core values and assess how in tune your life is with them.  Then, using basic art materials, you will envision how to better integrate what is most meaningful to you into your lifestyle.

If you are familiar with the concept of Vision Boarding, you probably know how helpful it can be to use the medium of collage to dip into your unconscious to discover and express what is important to you.  Through the process of arranging and adding to collage images you will ideally learn something about what may be missing for you and what is needed to enhance or heal the life you're living.  

You may choose to deepen and extend your experience by becoming a counseling and/or art therapy client, but your Values and Visions session is designed to be a stand-alone opportunity to jumpstart a new approach to your life using insights gleaned from a focused creative experience with a trained art therapist.  

To schedule a Values and Visions session, please contact me here or call 720-336-5852.  I do my best to return all voicemails and emails within one business day.